Winter Wonderland            

I feel that my blog has turned over time into a winter fan page, and while I’m ok with that, I don’t want it to be all that there is I have to say. Perhaps it’s looking out my windows now and seeing the snowflakes tumbling toward the ground that gets my mind and heart into these moods, but I can’t help but be in awe of the beauty I see. Like the city lies in a snow globe that has been freshly shaken. The light white dots slowly falling to the ground, collecting and covering everything as far as the eye can see. A beautiful blanket for the dirt and dinge of the city. No matter where you live, fresh snow has a way of beautifying like nothing else in nature can.

Maybe it’s an artistic view that allows me to look at things this way? Maybe it’s because it gives me a holiday. I work for a Clarksville roofing company which means that when the snow starts to fall, the work load I have gets dropped down to almost zero. As much as it may be hard to do certain things in the snow, carpentry is definitely one. You may worry about driving without winter tires, but ever been on a forty five degree roof that’s covered in ice? Now that’s a slippery situation. So in the winter I find myself enjoying a fair bit of downtime. It’s my own summer vacation on the opposite end of the calendar.

Perhaps that’s why I find myself enjoying the winter attractions, as it’s the time that I have to actually enjoy these things. Maybe that’s why so many people have an affinity for the summer months, when their vacations normally come about. There’s more means to get out there and enjoy the warm weather, and admittedly sandy beaches look much nicer in the summer than they do in the dead of winter. But then again, you can’t ice fish in the summer, that’s just called normal fishing.

I can’t say exactly what it is that draws me to the winter months, perhaps it’s all of the things previously mentioned, perhaps it’s none of them, but no matter what I will always have my love for the fresh snowy ground of early December. Whether it’s the Christmas trees and lights adorning houses across the neighborhood, or seeing the kids up on the hills re-enacting my childhood with their sleds, I always get hit with this pang of feeling deep within myself. Knowing that all the things I look forward to are coming around the turning of the calendar page. Whether you love winter like myself, or spring, fall or summer, there will always be something beautiful and enjoyable offered up by this great planet of ours, and I truly hope that you find your enjoyment, and that you get to bask in the season of your choosing for many more years to come. For now, I need to get outside and start hanging my lights.

Tis The Season            

Of course another aspect of winter that cannot be ignored is the holidays. And though Christmas and the like may not be celebrated for the same reasons it was in yesterdays gone by, or for reasons that those who follow religion would like it to be, it’s still a time where everyone you know and love gathers together to celebrate as a family. For some, these holidays are the only time of year that they get to see one another, which can make it an extra special event. I know that since I moved out here for my job, I haven’t had as many opportunities to get back home, but I always make it there for Christmas.

Whether it’s the cold outside that makes everyone bunch together in the warmth of the home, or the feelings that get stirred in us all when we all come together, there’s something about the Christmas season that just makes everyone feel closer together. Of course that isn’t the case for everyone, some people hate being in proximity to their family for longer than half an hour, but in my personal experience, I think it’s a great time. You can even combine winter passions by going out and enjoying the weather as a group. Perhaps I’m a little nostalgic, perhaps I look deeper into things than others, but these things make the winter time my favorite time of year.

No matter what type of childhood or adulthood you had, there will always be one Christmas that stands out above all the others, more than birthdays, or other events. Everyone I have talked to about the holidays over the years has a story to tell surrounding the season, no matter if good or bad, or something right out of the ordinary. No matter the outcome there is always that winter backdrop to it all. I’m not trying to change the minds of those who aren’t winter fans, but I still find that most of the people that dislike the season all have the same reasoning, and one of which being that there’s really nothing to do at that time of year.

And while I can understand some peoples lack of enthusiasm, I find it all comes down to whether or not you actually enjoy the many things that are available at that time. Not many people like being cold. Perhaps you can’t skate, don’t like sledding, or can’t afford a snow mobile. There is many reasons to choose one season over another, and my season of choice is the one that requires a beanie and scarf. No matter the passion you have, the season that brings out the best feelings in you, you will always be right in your own choices, because they are for you. I just say, take the time to appreciate everything. We are only here for a short time, so spending a quarter of the year unhappy adds up quickly. Get out there and find something you love about everything.

Let It Snow

Winter has always been my favorite time of year. I can’t tell you the excitement I feel when I see the first snowflakes start to fall, waking the next morning to a fresh blanket covering everything, the whole world a blank canvas ready to be written in any way we see fit. And though some may view winter as a time of death, when the red and brown leaves have all fallen, the trees barren and the green grass lost to sight for a quarter year, yet I view it as a time that the world can erase the last of the year and rewrite it as one sees fit. With some of the best holidays around the corner, some of the best outdoor events to come, winter can be as lively a time as any.

I remember when I was young I grew up across the street from a large hill, and every year when the snow would fall, you would see all the neighborhood kids trudging up that mini mountain with their sleds in tow. Kids ranging in all ages, from toddlers to adults, teens and more all having fun while the temperature dropped and the days got shorter. Perhaps it was these short days that made people appreciate them more. To use the little time they had to their benefit and fit in everything they could.

When I was that age, my standard time to come inside was when the sun fell, and when school gets out only slightly an hour before that it leaves very little time to enjoy. I would race home, and grab my sled, barrelling across the street to meet my friends on the hill to get at least a few dozen short trips down before the inevitable call for dinner. It was a time of constrained freedom, but one that I remember clearly from my youth. Even now, when I pass snow hills and see kids all clambering up and down, I get hit with a wave of nostalgia and a desire to join them.

Of course with growing up comes new ways to enjoy the snow, and in adulthood it’s the ski slopes. I have had my season lift ticket every year now since I turned nineteen. I make it a point to spend at least three full days up at the hill, and many day trips in between on weekends when I have the availability. Maybe one day when I have kids of my own I can change my routine and head back to the local hills to join them on their toboggan runs, but for now I enjoy challenging myself with increasing numbers of diamonds. If nothing else, it taught me how to go downhill really fast. The cold I can deal with, the wind I can bear, but the feeling of hitting the slopes for the first time that year cannot be dampened by any weather, and though like anyone I would prefer the heat, let it snow.